To Blog or Not To Blog!?

So blogging is definitely not my thing (I have what some may call "commitment issues") but since I was not born into a super rich and fabulous lifestyle, I'm always thinking of ways to get my name out there as a designer. And I'm always asking myself how does a young, broke but super ambitious designer like myself break into the industry? Well....I still haven't quite figured that out yet but I suppose writing about my thoughts and feelings will be a good way to connect with others.

On social media I follow some of the most creative bloggers/designers who inspire me daily, but then I remind myself I don't have an adorable little family, a wealthy husband that gives me the freedom to vacation, or a team behind me to help me create new content. Hell, I don't even read the cool bloggers blogs so what makes me so relatable? Besides, isn't everyone trying to start a blog or YouTube channel nowadays?

I'd like to think of myself as anti-trendy but I'm not going to lie- I bought a camera a few months ago in hopes of starting my own channel and let's just say I sold that bad boy on eBay as soon as I realized how much time I don't have for it, but hats off to anyone out there who is putting in the work.

I personally did a lot of soul searching these past few years and I don't want to get too caught up in the social media frenzy of making sure my hair, makeup, and clothes are always camera ready. HOWEVER- if anyone out there would like to put me on the big screen, that's a different story!

So yes, I am going to give this blogging thing a shot (every Wednesday because that's what the internet told me). Maybe I'll stick with it. Maybe I won't. But cheers to trying new things in a new year!