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Museum of Ice Cream:: LA vs. Miami

It's no secret that sweets are my weakness so you can always count me in if there's sugar involved. The Museum of Ice Cream, where the likes of Beyonce and many other Hollywood favorites have been spotted, quickly became an internet sensation after touching down in Downtown, LA. To be honest, calling this place a museum is a bit modest seeing as though I didn't learn a thing about the history of ice cream at the LA location. Nonetheless, I had a great time taking photos and getting a sugar rush in the different themed rooms followed by a themed sweet treat. So much fun that I ended up getting a ticket to the Miami location as well for Art Basel. Both locations were set up completely different with one thing in common, the world famous Sprinkle Pool! If I had to choose, I would say Miami was a better experience because it offered more photo opportunities with fun facts about ice cream mixed in.

If you haven't had an opportunity to visit The Museum of Ice Cream yourself, check out the photos from my trips below!