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HELLO 2018!

Happy New Year!

I know it may seem cheesy to some, but what better time to reflect on the past year and plan for the future than now? Writing my thoughts down has become apart of my everyday routine and the first step to making the changes I want to see in my life.

I created a quick little Q&A if you're having trouble organizing your intentions for the new year. Write it all down and revisit it daily but first I recommend pondering on the past year, think about all of the accomplishments and lessons 2017 has had to offer before jumping into an overwhelming list for 2018. 

It's important to keep your goals to a minimum so that you are able to focus. It is difficult to master anything when you are spreading yourself thin by doing several different things at once. Most importantly, be realistic! Go outside of your comfort zone but also prioritize your list. Unfortunately, some things will need to be put on hold until it's the right time. For example, I want to plan an international trip for 2018 but with everything else I want to accomplish, I'm not sure that is the most important thing on my list and it may have to wait until the following year.

Break down the following questions and apply them to each category if possible: Career, Health & Fitness, Relationships, Spirituality and Finances.

1. List of accomplishments during 2017

2. Lessons you've learned during the past year

3. Things you want to master in 2018

4. Somewhere you want to travel

5. A bad habit you would like to break

6. Something you want to cut back on

This New Years I was fortunate enough to spend my time in Cancun, Mexico and I have to admit, it has been a weird and emotional time. You would think with me being somewhere exotic all of my problems are solved but for myself and everyone around me, we are all in a transitional phase. Regardless of any uncomfortable changes I am facing, I am truly excited about the future.

Here are some of my personal goals:

Open up shop, plan an international trip, work on my commercial portfolio, transition into commercial design, cut back on sugar, tone my body, practice Spanish, take drawing lessons, work on my focus and memory daily, read a book per month and pay off the majority of my debt. 

I'm going to be extremely focused this year, checking in daily and quarterly on my progress and I hope that you join me in making this year a special one. Life is so precious but always remember, we have the power to control our happiness and success. Build, grow, laugh and work hard.

I am wishing you all a fulfilling and healthy new year, let's do this!