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Book Review:: Branding + Interior Design by Kim Kuhteubl

Let me start off by saying this, it took me an embarrassingly long time to finish this book!

On a positive note, I tried a new technique of reading with a highlighter. Typically I only read fictional books for pleasure but since I was expecting to walk away with some useful tips, I wanted to retain the information and be able to reference back to key points. 

Overall, this book was helpful and I would recommend it to any Interior Designer who hasn't reached a certain level of success yet. In other words, if you're on Kelly Wearstler's status don't waste your time because you've already built a solid team to do the grunt work for you. 

This book is very interactive; equipped with Style Sheets (both digital and directly in the book). However, trying to read with electronics nearby does not quite work for me because the next thing I know I'm googling flights to Japan or searching for a recipe for the chicken I pulled out for tonight's dinner, so I kept it simple and wrote directly in the book.

The most useful chapters were towards the end: Chapter 6- The Power of Press, Chapter 7-Audience Building 101 and Chapter 8- Licensing, Publishing & Legalese. These chapters definitely had my mind and highlighter racing. I also love the fact that there is a resource section at the end that includes a link for all of the sites referenced throughout the book.

The celebrity designer interviews were my least favorite part, I can't relate to designers who were born into wealth, did not go to school for design, and their well-connected circle allowed them to design for the hottest stars.

I need someone who can really break down the process, they worked from the muscle and built from the ground up. I want to hear about the sacrifices and sleepless nights.

(And that interview with Rose god! It was super awkward.)

I plan on doing some research on more books dedicated to designers/ the creative field so stay tuned for more book reviews.