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Art School Taught Me That My Greatest Tool is Myself

If you're anything like me then your ambitious, a bit impatient and completely scatterbrained. So many goals, so little time! But let's be suck at time management.

If there's one thing I learned after moving across the country and pursuing my dream of becoming an Interior Designer for the Hollywood elite, it's that my greatest tool is MYSELF.

Self-discipline and self-care have become the center of my focus while understanding that life is all about BALANCE. Yes, it's great to smash your goals but at the same time, you must always take care of your physical and mental health. No matter how overwhelmed I may be by my To-Do list; I make time for the gym, I'll have a glass of wine, I'll take a mental break and put on a movie, or go on a hike for a few hours. My point is... find what works for you and balance it out.

I was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) my second year in college and every day is a struggle to stay focused. Although I have come a long way, it's a daily battle that I must stay on top of and I'm sure most creatives can relate, with or without ADD.

The most important technique that has been helpful for me is to write it down. I keep a personal journal on me at all times and I also have a few different work-related journals. Every day I make a list, prioritize and give every task a time limit. I also translate this list into my Calendar app on the iPhone so it's laid out with alerts reminding me to stay on track. Although technology and social media have its perks, it is my worst distraction. Here are a few apps to get things under control:

  • Freedom App- blocks your social media platforms at certain times of the day. (you can also delete apps or simply turn your phone off)

  •  Moment App- keeps track of how many hours you spend on your phone in general.

  • Later App- a calendar to map out social media post. Get into the habit of organizing your post for the week once per week if you use it for business purposes.

I read somewhere that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit. So my question to you is, what do you need to do differently to reach a higher level of yourself? Set a 21-day challenge for yourself, write it down and plan it out. Rome wasn't built in a day!