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4 Money-Saving Tips for Decorating Your First Home as a Couple

Today, on the blog I am featuring a guest article from our friends at Home Owner Bliss. With all the recent changes in my personal life, this article helped make my move a smoother transition.

As a designer, my home is a never-ending project which can be problematic for a partner that thinks everything looks great as is. Luckily, my boyfriend was my client first so for the most part, everything in our new space was selected by yours truly! However, one of our biggest challenges was me moving into his space instead of us finding a new home together. I often felt like I was invading his territory.

Here are some tips from Natalie that I implemented into my own life:

Moving in with your significant other is an exciting step in any relationship. It’s also a step that will test your relationship in countless ways. From deciding where to live, to sharing chores, there are a lot of decisions to make when you’re combining homes. How to decorate your new home is one of the first big compromises you’ll face: Will you adopt his style, he adopt yours, or will you land somewhere in the middle? Here’s what I recommend:

Establish a Shared Aesthetic

Unless your styles are perfectly coordinated, combining your individual aesthetics is unlikely to create the chic, cozy home you want. Look for the common thread in each person’s style and use it to create a new aesthetic that showcases your taste as a couple.

 You don’t have to replace everything to achieve a new look. Instead of buying furniture to match your interior design, use slipcovers, throw pillow covers, and new cabinet hardware to change the look of furniture you already own. is a great budget-friendly place to shop for these items, and it’s easy to find discounts for extra savings.

Have a Shopping Game Plan

Nothing lights a spark like a full day of shopping for housewares. (OK, maybe not.) Keep shopping painless by having a shared plan for what you need and the colors and styles you prefer before heading to stores.


Hit a one-stop shop like Bed Bath & Beyond, where it’s easy to find a good discount and use it to stock up on all the little things you need for the house, whether it’s new pillows or a new coffee maker. Before shopping, put on your savvy shopper cap and hunt for online deals. You can double up on money saved by earning cash back through a site like Ebates.

Mix Feminine and Masculine

Often, one person in a couple has more feminine tastes and the other more masculine. When it comes to decorating, it’s possible for both people to get what they want. Brit + Co recommends looking for feminine shapes in masculine (or gender-neutral) colors and fabrics, or pairing masculine furnishings, like leather couches, with rich textiles to soften them up. Estate sales and secondhand stores are wonderful for scoring luxurious throw blankets at a fraction of the price, or you can shop online at stores like West Elm and search for deals before you buy.

Refresh Your Linens

Rather than combining your bed sheets, blankets, and towels into a mishmashed collection, replace the household linens with coordinated sets. A good set of linens will last years, so it’s worth splurging a bit. However, you have to shop smart: Rather than buying trendy sets, know how to spot high-quality linens so you can find the best options within your budget.


Don’t shop for linens based on in-store softness, as they usually aren’t as soft after a wash as they feel in the store. Look for towels made with combed or ringspun cotton. A quality towel should feel heavier than it looks and have dense thread loops and banded edges. For sheets, you’ll want to look for a high-thread count sheet made with a quality, long-fiber cotton. Real Simple explains what else to consider when shopping for sheets


Finally, keep compromise at the heart of your decorating decisions. Decorating your shared home is just the first of many challenges you’ll face as a couple, and how you handle communication now will set the stage for discussions to come. Remember to approach decisions as a team and be willing to compromise. That might mean you don’t love the décor in every inch of your home, but if it makes your partner happy and you can live with it, the compromise is worth it.

Author: Natalie Jones via.