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Choosing The Right Paint Color

Painting a room should be exciting and it is certainly one of the least expensive ways to update a space, but the obnoxious amount of options to choose from can be overwhelming.

With a simple paint refresh, colors can inspire, relax, or help you focus. The perfect shade of whatever color you choose can never truly be determined until it is actually on the walls and you're able to see how the light reflects off the paint but I found this cool little chart to help you get started...

For those of you who don't know me, I am very fascinated with psychology (especially psychological thriller movies!) and if I wasn't designing I would definitely pursue a career related to that field. Learning about the effects colors have on our cognitive mood is very intriguing. Even though I am currently apartment living and painting the walls is not an option, in a perfect world I would love to create a dark and moody bedroom. I love rich colors so something along the lines of deep blue or deep purple speak to me. 

Take a look at the chart below, think about what you will be doing in this space, the type of mood you want to achieve and remember to never take the process of choosing the perfect shade too serious. Once you narrow down a color, put a few samples on the wall and let it sit for a couple days before committing to it. 

(to enlarge- right click, open image in new tab, click to zoom)