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Surviving Art Basel

Attending Art Basel in Miami has been on my bucket list for quite some time so I bought a plane ticket earlier in the year to make sure I didn't find an excuse to put it off any longer. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Art Basel is an international art fair that happens once a year in the city of Basel, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Miami.

I am no art snob but I do appreciate a good museum/installation and if I had to sum up this trip in a few words I would simply say... what a shit show! I mean I actually came to see some cool art, not to mingle with the masses. And did I mention I HATE large crowds?? I figured I would be out of my comfort zone a bit when I booked my flight alone but I had a good feeling someone I knew would be going, which is exactly what happened. 

“What The Fuck Is The Art World?! (Part 1 of Alot)” by William Powhida

“What The Fuck Is The Art World?! (Part 1 of Alot)” by William Powhida

I was overwhelmed by the number of events that were going on but I made sure to RSVP to everything I found beforehand. Little did I know Miami is similar to LA, meaning everything is very spread out. With all of the people requesting Ubers, plus the traffic, it was not so easy to bounce around. Also, the RSVP's didn't mean a thing! The lines to get into all of the events were insane. I’m typically pretty good at wiggling my way into the door but I didn't want to be rude and leave the group I was with because this sort of finessing works best when you're alone or with one other person.

Another thing Miami has in common with LA is palm trees and warm weather but my goodness it was freezing and most of the venues had some sort of indoor/outdoor setup so basically, there was nowhere to escape this extremely odd and unexpected chill (which was followed up by a cold when I returned, and I rarely get sick...blah)

Overall, this trip had a way of making me feel like I wasn't cool enough, which is funny because I felt this way during my first visit a couple years ago with my boyfriend at the time. Keep in mind that this was before Instagram was a thing. I told myself I would not come back until I had the funds to do it right- nice hotel, fancy dinners etc. The entire time I was there I kept checking in on social media to see what other people were up to and while all of the popular influencers were enjoying their private dinners and exclusive events (or at least that's how it appears), I was stuck in the cold, unimpressed and annoyed that Uber canceled on me twice.

Don't get me wrong, I made the best of my time and I did enjoy some parts of it but would I do it again? Absolutely not! (unless, of course, I get an invite by Swiss Beats himself) Not to mention, I live in a pretty cool city that offers tons of artsy fartsy stuff so nothing I saw was really mindblowing.

If you do plan on checking out Art Basel in the future I highly recommend stopping by The Miami Beach Convention Center which featured 268 galleries. I also enjoyed the Museum of Ice Cream but I'm not sure if this pop-up will be making a come back.

Some galleries I was really looking forward to but didn't make it to was the No Commission exhibit by Swizz Beats (which he announced will be held in LA as well- YAY!), Satellite Art Show, Scope Miami Beach and Collins Park.

Next stop... Burning Man perhaps?