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NYC Condo:: Before & After Reveal

As I grow and learn as a designer, it is important for me to develop an original sense of style. Although any project I get to work on is a blessing, it's such a bummer when you work hard on something and you can't use it for your portfolio because the client's ran out of money, the reveal didn't turn out how you wanted, or you simply had to cater to a design style that your not fond of. So many things can go wrong in the business of providing a luxury service but I wanted to share the details of this particular project with you all on my little blog spot.

This small high-rise condo is located in Manhattan and overlooks Central Park in New York which is a gold mine because finding the right housing in the Big Apple is no easy task. The style is what we call Contemporary which can be interesting if done right, however the client's are an older couple who were EXTREMELY uncomfortable with change. We weren't able to set up a photoshoot during our time on the east coast since installation day did not quite go as planned so enjoy the before and after photos from my iPhone :)