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Staging 101

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with how staging companies operate, let me explain...

Developers often bring in a staging company to furnish a house when it is on the market. This allows potential buyers to have a better visual of the layout.

On this particular project located in Mar Vista, I partnered with Design To Sell to bring this empty home to life. 

After measuring the space and creating a furniture plan in AutoCad, we took a trip to the warehouse to review what pieces we have in storage that pair well with this project. Being that the architectural style of this house is contemporary, it is important that the design aesthetic complements. Once we finalize the furniture and accessories from the warehouse inventory, we resource everything else that is needed to fill out any empty space. 

Installation day is always crazy and consist of a lot of heavy lifting and sweating, but nothing beats the feeling of seeing an empty room completely transform. And if your really good at what you do, the buyers will be interested in purchasing some of the items used for staging.