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Street Art:: Skid Robot

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Los Angeles culture, not everything about this city is sunny and beautiful. A lot of people who describe LA never seem to mention the overload of homeless people that flood the streets. We house the largest homeless population known as Skid Row, which is also not far from where I currently live. I'm sure you can only imagine how exhausting and painful it is to see thousands of drug addicts and mentally challenged people wandering around the city day in and day out with no real purpose. While some may find this to be an eye soar, one anonymous artist was inspired by the same people we try so hard to avoid eye contact with. The unknown artist goes by the name of Skid Robot and uses graffiti to paint a scene or depict the dreams of these lost souls. Although this form of art is illegal, Skid Robot's mission is to gain the attention of the public and make us question what kind of country have we become. How is it possible that we have neglected our social responsibilities and accepted the idea that some people will sleep on the street? I was inspired by Skid Robot's message and wanted to share his work with you guys. If you are interested in keeping up with his journey follow him on Instagram at @skidrobot.