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Tis' The Season

With Christmas just around the corner along with its rush of jolliness and joy, I’m sure there are some of us who are rolling our eyes at the thought of the holiday season. Maybe it's because everyone in your family has outgrown the idea of Santa or Christmas just doesn't hold that magical feel for you this year, but cheer up! The holidays are a great time to unwind from our hectic schedules and appreciate the simple things that we often overlook. Wherever you end up spending the holidays, get into the spirit. Because who doesn't want to cuddle up to a nice smoking cup of hot chocolate and a classic Christmas album. Now lets get to decorating!


Whether you lack a handyman to hang Christmas lights or you’re just too lazy to untangle them and get a ladder, there are other simple ways to liven up the outside of your house. A simple wreath on the door is a staple tradition. If you have an old reef tucked away somewhere in the attic or you can’t find a satisfactory one while browsing, try spray painting the reef silver or gold. If you have any trees in your front yard with low branches, add some oversized ornaments to them. To spruce up the planters where your summer garden flowers used to flourish, stack some oversized ornaments there too and spray painted pinecones.


Moving inside your house, wrapping a garland and Christmas lights around the stairway has always been my favorite holiday decoration. If you have any unused jars or flower vases, place a toilet roll inside as a space filler and add ornaments, candy, or bows for decoration.


The holidays always call for candles... and lots of them! There is nothing like a cozy home that smells like Gingerbread cookies and fresh pine. Another simple decorative trick is to add some ornaments or drape garland to your pendant lights. You can also put together a charming table setting by using a tray and adding some small holiday trinkets. I also like the idea of placing items on a tier dessert stand as a display, so pull out all your kitchenware and get creative.

You don’t need much when it comes to holidays nor do we want to invest a large amount of money in decorations that are only used for about two months out of the year, but with these simple tips there’s no way you wont smile and find yourself filled with the Christmas spirit.