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Lets Talk Budget :: Bathroom Edition

Are you in need of a home makeover but you just cannot get your wallet to agree? Before you completely give up on that rustic contemporary foyer you fell in love with on Pinterest, let’s explore some budget friendly renovation musts. 




Patience is a virtue. Being on a tight budget means that this project will be slow, but eventually everything will come together.  Adding pieces here and there will still add just the quirk that you need. Rushing the process will show in your final product.




Target, Wal-Mart, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ikea are your go to stores for fair prices and decent quality decor. Other good options would be local flea markets, eBay, Etsy, and any other online site that sell things at a reasonable price. Knowing your wallet is key.




 It would be a great idea to repaint the walls first. Although an inexpensive yet tedious task, a shade change will immediately change the mood of a room. 


Now let's  focus on the main areas that you are most likely thinking about revamping: the bedroom, bathroom, or the entertainment/lounge area. For today we will fix our eyes on the bathroom.




Starting with the bathroom, organize everything and throw out what’s not needed, like the collection of makeup and hair products you haven’t touched in years. Also, get rid of old and dirty containers that hold your products. Do a good scrub down of the entire bathroom, focusing on the cabinets and inside the drawers. Now we're ready to decorate! First, pick out a cute shower curtain to get an idea of the color scheme. I always see fun ones in the apartment section of Urban Outfitters online. If your walls are in need of a fresh white coat or you want to add some color to the walls, try a boarder in the middle or at the top of the wall.


Next step is to accessorize. This is my favorite part because it’s all in the details. Replace the bathroom rugs, keeping in mind that they do not have to be the same color as the curtains. Mixing patterns and colors is more interesting than a monochromatic bathroom. Also replace your soap dispenser- I love to accent a room with metallics. Try to keep your vanity as empty as possible, keeping your toothbrush and whatever else on display tucked away. Add a small flower vase or sculpture on the other side of the sink to balance out the soap dispenser. Change the knobs on the door and drawers and don’t forget about the towel racks! I would do a metallic color for these items as well. If you find a nice knob but it’s too dull or the wrong color, don't be afraid to paint it. Lastly, add some small-framed artwork or shelves to the walls, maybe a gallery depending on how much wall space you are working with and you're done! Now you have an exquisite commode without going too far out of your pocket.




               Stay tuned for my next blog where we will be touching on how to get the perfect budget-friendly bedroom!